Friday, April 3, 2009

I SPY with my little eye....

DEER! On the way home from church a few weeks ago when it was actually warm, Adrianne and I saw this herd of deer just down the street from the church just grazing and enjoying life, so of course we stopped! They actually let us get fairly close within 30' of them before they began to care, and move on! This single doe didn't like the path that her friends were taking, and wouldnt follow them...she looked worried, and contemplated for a minute or so before she figured another path that would connect her back with her buddies. Felt bad for the the poor deer! (literally-haha)


  1. You can often find a plethora of deer within a few blocks of the church. They never let me get too close to them, either.

  2. Oh my lands!!!!!! Thanks for finding me on facebook. I found your blog address on there. I miss you tons. What are you up to? Check out our blog. My life is full of kids and kids and nothing but kids. Can't wait to keep in touch!

  3. oh yeah, and I meant to write that I miss the deer in Utah too. I loved getting to see them so much. They are so cute.