Sunday, January 25, 2009

Resolutions & Motivations

I've recently joined up with a group of classmates in a mini biggest loser contest. The idea is to get us, Physical Therapist Assistant students in better shape for our clinicals and profession, and of course to lose a little of the extra cushioning lining my body in the process. As most of us in the world know that after you've been out of shape, it's seriously difficult to get back into shape again. One of my favorite 'youtube' videos is about Team Hoyt!! They are amazing, and an absolute inspiration for me...perhaps a reminder that 'I CAN'! Check it out:


  1. Jen, amazing video. The man at his side running him everywhere...that is inspirational to me and both of them. Imagine not only how healty both hearts are but, how big they are.. the unconditional love. They are like the song..." I'm like peanut're like jelly."

  2. That is what life is ALL about! To learn to care for others like that. blob