Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter Ducks

This dates back a year or so, but it makes me giggle! A few of us were out visiting Gardner Village during the Christmas season. We all went our separate ways so Adrianne & I were walking in and out of the shops. The last shop of the day was a fabric shop which I opted to wait outside of. Well the shop is right next to a creek which was frozen over. I began watching few ducks that were sitting on the frozen over creek and decided to take a picture of them. So as I take the shot, suddenly the ducks stood up and began walking in a row toward me on the bank. I took a few more pictures, and a gentleman came to stand next to me. The ducks continued to walk across the ice closer and closer until they were at our feet on the bank begging for a treat. Neither of us had food with us, but the ducks still tried to nibble on our fingers! It was hilarious, and Adrianne came out quite shocked as I was squatted down next to the ducks! It was a had to be there moment but it was funny!

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  1. My long lost friend! It's Brittany, I'm so glad you have a blog, I'm so much better at that than emails. We have a blog too.